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What is wimax...

Blue Sky Broadband is the first broadband company to deploy the WIMAX network in Southern Minnesota. BlueSky Broadband will bring this new 4-G technology to the consumer beginning with the Mankato Market. With the Wide Area Network Technology, consumers can have total mobility in the range of our network area, This makes WI-FI HOT SPOTS a thing of the past. Customers of Blue SKy Broadband will be able to connect to the internet in more places at faster speeds at less cost than DSL or cable, transforming the way our customers use the internet. Imagine downloading a movie or video at super fast speeds, and uploading to Facebook or your website in a blink while in your auto, a park, anywhere in our coverage area.

WIMAX - Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

Created by :

Mas Adam Syah Nuhandika
R. Kevin Julian
Yosephine Novianti
Arendarama Danuarta


Make your migration to LTE! You are closer than you think.




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