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All New Kindle 2020 Review - Watch Before You Buy

All New Kindle
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If you rather spend your money on more books, and you’re not after an all-out deluxe flagship of an eReader, then the cheapest Kindle e-reader may be the one for you. Amazon’s All-new Kindle brings its entry-level eReader out of the dark ages, and adds in a few perks that now makes it more interesting for bookworms on tight budgets.

In this video, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Amazon’s All-New Kindle. We’ll be going over key features, who this product is for, how it compares to the other Kindle models, and whether or not the All-New Kindle is all that you need.

We’ll break down all the aspects of the All-New Kindle, and what you can expect to get in return for your money. We’ll help you decide if this eReader is the right option for you.


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This video contains amazon affiliate links, as an amazon affiliate I earn from qualified purchases

Kindle Oasis (2019) vs Paperwhite vs Basic | eReader Comparison

Comparing the 3rd-gen Kindle Oasis 2019 vs Amazon's Paperwhite and Basic eReaders, to see which is best for you. We cover the eInk display tech, battery life, UI features, waterproofing and other important features, so you know which new Kindle is your ideal reading companion.

Just last week, Amazon released its new Oasis 2019 eReader, complete with screen temperature controls. However, at £229 in the UK, it's a lot more expensive than the Paperwhite and standard models.

That steep price is especially tricky to justify given the Kindle Paperwhite also boasts full IPX8 water resistance and the same crisp 300ppi display resolution. In fact, beyond the auto brightness, colour controls and upgraded design, there's little reason to spend an extra hundred quid on the all new 3rd-generation Oasis.

So which Amazon Kindle are you tempted by? If you're not into graphic novels or swayed by waterproofing, the original model should suit you fine, especially with the new backlit screen.

2019 Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite Comparison Review

A comparison review showing the differences between the new 2019 Kindle with frontlight and the latest Kindle Paperwhite. Kindles at Amazon: (affiliate link) More info:




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